Is the registration of my employees at the CNPS optional ?

No, the registration of each of your employees to the CNPS is a legal requirement. The registration number issued by the CNPS to your employee is the means by which:

- His identification as a social insured.
- The recording of statements of his wages.
- The protection of his rights.

Therefore you must:

- Declare your employeesregardless the time they spent in your business .
- Include the registration number of your employee on his card, his payslip or any other professional files.

Where and how to register my employees

The registration of each of your employees file must include:

- a copy of
its identity card or any other document likewise.
- Two recent photos.
- An application Form  (to be obtained from the nearest CNPS agency ).

Be aware that if you fail to register your employee, he is entitled to make an application to the CNPS, for the affiliation of your company as well as for his own registration.