Work Accident

It's considered as work accident:

        - An accident that occurs to a worker for whatever reasons byt the fact, during or because of his work;
        - An accident while traveling meaning the accident that occurs while the worker is travelling from his residence to his work place and vice versa, without being interupted or diverted for his personnal need;
        - An accident that occurs while the worker is on a company's mission.

Prenatal Benefit

They are paid during the pregnancy of any salaried women or legal wife of an employee from the day of the pregnancy is declared.

Maternity allowance

They are paid to any salaried women or legal wife of an employee who gives birth to a child born alive under medical supervision and registered in the registrery.

Allowance for the home worker

They are paid on the birth of the three first children born during the first mariage (mariage registered in a registry).

However in case of the death of the first spouse, this allowance can be paid to the kids of the second mariage (in any case the number of kids who can benefit from this allowance has been set to three).

Family allowance

They are granted to worker for each dependent children, aged more than one year and less than 14 years.

However, the age is increased to:

         -18 years for the child in learning;
         -21 years if studying or if by the fact of infirmity or illness he or she can not work.