The Social Security Authority, called National Social Security Fund (CNPS), was created by decree n°2000-487 of July 12th 2000. CNPS is governed by the law n°99-476 of August 02 1999, defining and organizing the Social Security Authority and the law n°99-477 of the same date modifying the Social Security Act.

What is the mission of CNPS?

The National Social Security Fund manages the compulsory social security scheme of private sector and equivalent. It also operates in the field of health and social welfare.
How is CNPS managed?
CNPS reports both to the Ministry of Family, Women and Social affairs (administrative and Technical supervision) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Financial Supervision). This Authority is presided by a Board of directors comprising 12 Members and is daily managed by the Directorate-General. It is composed of six (06) Central Directorates, eight (08) Specialized Cells and decentralized structures (20 spread nationwide). 


The current shape of CNPS is as a manufacture built piece after piece, like a puzzle.
Five (5) important dates that influenced the history of CNPS: 

December 15th, 1955
Implementation of the Family benefits Compensation fund (CCPFCI), in charge of paying Family allowances to families of private sector employees. 

December 10th  1958
Deployment of the occupational risks scheme to prevent and compensate for accidents at work and occupational diseases through medical cares, daily compensation and annuities.

September 21st, 1960
Implementation of the cash Register of Retirement for the Workers in Ivory Coast (CRTCI). It aims at paying a pension to the affiliated workers having attained the age of retirement or to their dependents.

December 20th, 1968
Creation of CNPS, in conformity with law N°68.595 on the code of social security.

August 2ND, 1999
Promulgation of the laws N°99-476 and 99-477 concerning respectively definition and organization of the Social Security authority and the code of social security.

January 11 2012
Orders n°2012-03 of January 11 2012
amending the sections 22, 50, 95, 149 to 163 ter and completing section
168 of act n°99-477 of August 02 1999, amending
the Code of Social security